Action; for 1665 Nelson Street in the Morning

[Towards the end of the week Hotaru takes it upon herself to be the one to drink the milk in the household. Sneaking down early in the morning she's quick to pour all but one of the bottles down the sink. No use letting anyone else be hurt after all. And then with that done she opens the single bottle, slowly drinking it, each sip leaving her wondering what's happened, what she's going to get.

Nothing. Not a single thing, not even a complaint from her stomach at the milk, which is one this she was sure she would get. Frowning Hotaru carefully rinses the milk bottles out, before leaving them to the side, before starting to get ready for the dare. She's started to feel a bit ill, but that's normal, she is intolerent to lactose after all.]

Action; at the park

[As the day progresses it's easier to see that the milk is taking it's toll on Hotaru. Her skin starts to get clammy, hair sticking to her face as she shivers, feeling icy cold one minute before turning boiling hot the next. Her stomach gurgles, causing her much embarrassment every time it happens and someone's around and yet. She's not sure if this is caused by something strange in the milk, or just the milk itself. Slowly it seems to get worse and worse, Hotaru panting softly as her fever grows stronger.

She should have never gone for that walk she thinks to herself, collapsing on a park bench and curling up slightly in pain. It hadn't helped in the slightest, and now she was stuck here, until her legs felt strong enough to move again.

...It was just like her past life.]


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