A. At 1665 Nelson:

[Hotaru wakes up in the morning, and instantly she knows something's wrong. This isn't her room, with it's pale purple walls, lamps on ever available space and photos of her family and friends. With a frown she sits up, sliding silently out of bed as she looks around the room for anything vaguely familiar or threatening. There's nothing. It's just an ordinary room, meant for an ordinary little girl.

After she gets up and dresses herself in the clothes from the cupboard, Hotaru makes her way downstairs, footsteps silent and her eyes peeled. At the foot of the stairs she stops, staring at the photo frames, filled with people she doesn't recognise. Deep down, fear naws at her. Where is Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama and Setsuna-mama. The last... the last thing she can remember is... a fight, the Amazon Quartet, and then Zirconia and the glass

Where is Chibiusa. For a moment, Hotaru's heart stops, and she freezes, all her thoughts focused on her friend and not on finding a way out of this house, or what's happened.]

B. Around town:
[After school, Hotaru wanders, bag held loosely in her hands as she takes measured steps along the footpaths, treating everything with a slight edge of suspicion. She's still not entirely convinced that this isn't the result of Zirconia's attack, and now she's stuck in some dream world. She keeps her eyes peeled for pink hairbuns, or even Michiru's aqua waves. Anything would be nice.

But for now she'll just keep exploring. Surely she can find a way out. She has to. Even if she can't heshin, even if she hasn't seen her parents, or the prince and princess or most importantly Chibiusa. They're all out there, somewhere and she's going to find a way to escape and find them]


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