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Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Canon point/AU: Post Stars, so post end of series.
Journal: [personal profile] glaives
PB: N/A using manga art, anime art and fanart of character.
History: Wikimoon link

Presentation: Hotaru is, in general, a quiet, well-behaved girl who loves and cares deeply for her friends and family. Originally, she was also very reserved, considered an outcast by many of her peers at school, due to her strange mood swings which also caused her eyes to glow and her to be capable of sudden displays of strength. This quickly earned her the label 'freak' and she was soon avoided at all cost, which in turn made her a shy girl, whose ability to trust in another was very low. It didn't help that her father isolated himself, burying himself in his work, leaving her completely alone.

Still, Hotaru was willing to trust Chibiusa, and it is then we see other qualities of her. She is kind, well mannered in general (She is often rather rude to Kaolinite, though if you look at it through Hotaru's eyes the girl could have seen the woman as attempting to take her mother's place) She is in general, optimistic, despite her illness, and often seems much older then her apparent age. Hotaru also shows her strength in character, after Mistress 9 takes full control of her body. Hotaru fights back, refusing to let Mistress 9 leave her body, as she knows that then Mistress 9 could regain her full power. Mistress 9 steals both Chibiusa's spirit and her Silver Crystal, and Hotaru endeavours to keep these safe, keeping Mistress 9 from using the power of the two objects to break free. And when Mistress 9 steals the spirits of Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, she also protects these. Hotaru eventually lets go of her body, and her spirit returns the spirits of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, as well as returning Chibiusa's and the Silver Crystal to her small friend, saying her goodbyes.

It is only after Mistress 9 is released from Hotaru's body that Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of Ruin and Rebirth comes to be. Saturn is similar to Hotaru, if not more serious. She has a strong sense of duty, and due to being locked away for Hotaru's entire life, does not have as strong a sense of morality as the others. She seems to lack compassion, only focused on her duty, but at the same time, she sacrifices herself to destroy Phantom 90 in another dimension, leaving Earth to be healed by Sailor Moon.

In her new life, Hotaru is happier, and healthier. Adopted by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto she grows up in their care, displaying great intelligence and awareness beyond her apparent age. However in only a few months she ages from a baby to a child, and it is with a meeting with Saturn that she completes her final aging, still looking slightly younger then she was originally. Her memories and abilities are returned, and she is reawakened as Sailor Saturn, though her duty has now changed. No longer is she charged with the destruction of the world, forced to sleep until this time. Now she is to fight alongside the other Senshi, to protect Sailor Moon. Saturn also appears to make it her personal mission to look out for Chibimoon, who's friendship she still recalls and cherishes.

Hotaru is kind and compassionate, friendly and more trusting in her new life. She still retains her politeness, usually, (referring to her older friends as Minako-san, Usagi-san etc, and only using -chan with Chibiusa). She can be a little critical of others, especially in regards to people Chibiusa is friends with, and some of that is clearly because she can be a little possessive of Chibiusa's friendship and jealous of others being her friend. She highly intelligent, and even wise to a degree. She is loyal to her friends and family and fiercely protective of them, and even to a slight degree, possessive over them. Her determination is clear, and she will not back down from a fight, not if someone she cares about is in danger, often even going to the point of putting her own life on the line. But in the end, she is a happy, healthy, 9 year old girl, as she should be. But she is still a soldier, and she will do her duty.

Motivations: Hotaru's motivations can be quite easily summed up as a desire to protect her friends and family. This is an extremely strong force that drives her and we see this from very early on, in the Infinity life. After Mistress 9 eats Chibiusa's starseed Hotaru goes to get effort to protect it and keep her from taking the full power as she knows that will kill Chibiusa. And when the choice comes up between protecting Chibiusa and the Inner Senshi's starseeds verses keeping her fragile connection with her body Hotaru doesn't hesitate before letting go, sacraficing herself to reawaken her friends. Even in her new life she retains that sort of thinking, teleporting from earth to Pluto's castle and not hesitating as she tries to protect Pluto from an attack.

Most importantly though is her friendship with Chibiusa. As much as Hotaru has sworn to protect the Prince and Princess (Mamoru and Usagi) it's clear that she would do anything to keep Chibiusa safe. Chibusa is her first friend, her best friend and she is fiercely protective of her.

Setting: Hotaru will... not deal well, basically. After all, she is a little girl. But at the same time, she's not going to just curl up and give up, especially not with Chibiusa there. She'll be making it her mission to look out for her best friend. But she'll try and do it without killing, at least to an extent. After all, she is also Saturn, the soldier of death and she understands that at a point sacrafices need to be made.

First Person Thread: It was like being in her father's labrotory all over again was Hotaru's first thought. The same spotless white walls and the silver gurney and for one groggy second she almost thinks she's back in that life. Dread fills her in turn and she's quick to pull up the sleeves of the gown she's been put into, hand shaking as she checks her elbows for those old exposed joints. And relief floods her when she sees smooth skin, no exposed wires and she's real she's still flesh and blood, not some unholy mess of wires and flesh. It wasn't a dream

Which means that none of this is either. The sudden, almost robotic voice confirms it and Hotaru can't help but jump a little at it's sudden intrusion and she shifts to stare at the device. They want her to discuss this? She almost wants to yell now, because this. This is too cruel. They put them into this and then expect them to speak about it, they act like it's some disappointment to lose.

Hands shaking she picks the device up all the same when it becomes clear she can't just wait this out in silence. Wetting her lips she considers everything she wants to say, weighs it against it all before she finally speaks, voice shaking but there's steal there, underneath.

"I didn't want to kill anyone. Nobody deserved to die, and no one is a monster here. If they were monsters, maybe, but I know a friend of mine would say not even then. So I won't kill anyone," And her voice grows a little sharper, a little braver. "I won't!"

Prose: The men in white suits weren't exactly gentle a they rushed her along, nor were they forthcoming with any information besides the basic. A death arena, and apparently only one person got to live. Hotaru was terrified, deep down, and the way she was rushed wasn't helping her. Where was Haruka-papa? Michiru-mama? Setsuna-mama? She couldn't see them anywhere, and it made her even more concerned. There's no way her parents would let someone simply take her from them, especially not for something like this.

Stomach twisting into nots she's pushed into the room, the final words the men give her echoing in her mind. You should impress them. Impress them with what? She can't feel her connection to Saturn, and she. She's a little girl, especially without her powers. She steps forward yes, lifting her head to study those in the box and she's quite clearly nervous as she looks to the side, sees all the weapons and he voice is quiet when she finds it.

"I... I don't want to fight, please. I... can I just go home?" She shifts, the movement better described as a fidget as she looks back up to the crowd, shrinking a little under their gaze. "Please."

What is your character scored: Hotaru would score quite low without powers, as she is a young girl. But all the same she's a sweet one, and I could see her quietly earning sponsers on the bounds of sympathy so I'm going to score her at a 4.

Powerwise, Hotaru is one of the more powerful Senshi, the Messiah of Silence and capable with ending the world just by dropping her glaive. Here is a basic summary of her powers as Saturn, though not listed are her other abilities, like the fact she can heal minor injuries by touch and seems to summon visions of things when she plays the violin, like summarying a vision of Chibiusa chasing after Helios in the Dream Arc. She can also creat a miniturised version of the solar system, though when she is seen doing that she has Haruka with her to keep her power in check.

Additional information: N/A


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